Closet Curves

CC-logo (2)cp-min"Closet Curves" is our patented modular closet system.  It was designed to provide an affordable upgrade to wire shelving.  It provides the best value in a custom closet and can be customized for a true "wall to wall" fit.  We use the same 3/4" thick American made laminated melamine as our other systems.  Our premium board offers a very high density and internal bond strength (trade engineering jargon).  It should not be confused with paper coated low density board used by many other folks and often sold in "big box" retailers.  
As mentioned under our "About Us / Dealer's Wanted" tab, we are looking forward to expanding the Closet Curves brand by establishing a dealer network.  It is easy to design, easy to install, and reasonable to ship.  Look for updated standards to appear on this site in an e-commerce offering, coming soon!