We love our customers!

So, is it really "about us" then? Well, just so you know...

We truly appreciate the opportunity to build our products for you...without you, there won't be much to say about us!    We commenced operations in April of 2000 and have continued to pursue our version of the American Dream.  We do our best to keep manufacturing alive in our great country.   While we don't make "Apps,"  or write lines of code...we do make real products that you can feel and touch and use.  

And, while we applaud and encourage the new "Maker Movement", we've been Makers for a long time. The Owner and Production Manager have more than 50 years of manufacturing experience combined.   During that time, we have continued to grow our capabilities by investing in the company and our employees.  We're not the biggest, but we do our best each and every day.  We will go "the extra mile" as you will read in our "Testimonial" section.  We earn our reputation on every job.

"Coming soon" - We will be adding our Optical Display and Dispensing furniture collections to our residential products with e-commerce options for both.  

It's simple really.  Quality AMERICAN MADE products, using American made materials whenever possible (ask us), and providing the best value in our markets.

We'll do our best to NEVER let you down.  Our customer's have become our best advocates because they trust us to do just that.  Value is more than just the lowest price.  We've never been considered the "slap-in shelving guys."  We will work to your budget and it is one of the main reasons we developed the Closet Curves line specifically.  We think it's the best value in a custom closet system and the most affordable alternative to wire shelving.

We know we can't be all things to all people.  But when a  specific need arises, we can usually answer the call.  And when we do answer that call, we promise to listen more then talk ("this has been hard for me because I get so excited about what we do" - Ed). 

Coming Soon….More info about our team!